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so you wanna see all my "shhit" huh? my "creations"? my fucekn job that i do? well feast your eyes on this big boy....


videros i done and made

i said a hip hop a hip to the hippy a hip hop the bop and you dont stop

all the other shit in my backyard

ok so i ran like an arg and there was this just real badass dude i played who had a website and he ran it with my cohost, it was pretty bazinga. im the Kanaya Typer and hes the bold guy. we were both non binary LOL

insert game here
when i was like zero years old i went to a video game maker camp and i made a video game, and another video game. this is the first one which means were allowed to steal shit LOL, it doesnt suck as much cause almost all the levels and ai were premade

totally not robots
ok so for the second game we had to draw the art and do the programming and the levels and shit so it suuuucks lol. its still cool tho