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someone ask for my interests? huh? you gobbled up my about page and you were like "mmm mmm daddy hungry gimme MORE of that fucken information thanks and please"? well i got news for you: theyre all here emblazoned for every tom dick and harry potter to see. feast your face on...

things that i like and that you'd probably like too

these tv shows are off the fucken hook mang

the good place
parks and rec
ive been getting into community again that shits dope
seinfeld is an american classic fuck you
brooklyn 99. i know its about pigs but one of the pigs is andy samberg so i GOTTA watch it
dozens more (thats not the name of a show i just watch a shitton of TV LOL)

some1 say movies? ill move you buddy

now im like a big movie guy ill have you know that these guys are also off the fucken hook. love me these

michel gondry cause im a big business art guy
someone say comedy horror movies?
horror movies in general (bonus points if theres blood everywhere 100 percent of the time)
comedy movies in general (bonus points if its stepbrothers the movie starring will ferrell and john c reilley (rielley?))
nic cage <3 love that clown like egbert
edgar wright. yes im gonna be one of those college film student godfather poster guys howd you know
sam raimi cause i like spiderman and bruce campbell is hot
charlie kaufman cause again, film student pulp fiction funko pop guy
kevin smith (huge jorts)
hundreds more (again, not the name of a movie, i just like a metric shitton of movies)


this is just shit im playing right now LOL

hotline miami
danganronpa (im on v3, callouts to my fucken boy kaito momota luminary of the stars)
yakuza kiwami, its hard as balls
hypnospace is really really cool
hacknet is good go play it

hard jamz

neil cicierga/lemon demon
punk rock pizza rolls \M/
devo!!!! please if youre reading this listen to devo, they own so hard
hot dad aka the chowder man


jake and amir (aka jake and ameesh) (aka hound dogg and THE GOOSE)
homestuck cause im a gay teen who likes computers, of course i read homestuck
nakey jakey makes good gamer videos
ashens cause hes a funny british man whos sorta hot
video game dunkey cause im a teenage boy purveyor of videogames, of course i watch dunkey

idk what goes here lol

90s aethetic
being spooked, being scared
making shit (music, websites, movies, etc.)
high quality "prosumer" equipment (basically anything if its expensive and niche)
obscure media (tapes, weird shit you find on youtube that has like 5 views)

yo you made it to the end of my bonkers list. i mean you dont really deserve anything LOL but still. not a trophy or anything. maybe a pizza trophy lmao