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Who is Isaac?

Well, to answer that question, we'll have to look at great Isaacs in history. Isaac Newton, a nerd loser who wanted to find out why things fall down. Isaac Asimof, a nerd loser who wrote made up books about robots. Isaac [Binding of], a nerd loser who got locked in his basement and fought turds until dying to Little Horn. What I'm getting at is, Isaac M. [REDACTED] is a nerd loser. He enjoys such hobbies as shoving his glasses up his nose, getting shoved into lockers, mysteriously losing his lunch money, and speaking in a nasally tone of voice. He also is known to en-




Glad I got that asshole outta the way. It's me. Isaac. The guy who actually made this website. Who am I kidding with this schtick? I wrote that opening text. It was a christmas joke. And a poor one at that. Anyway, I'm Isaac. I'm a teen boy, some may say a sk8r boy1, who lives in the small town of [CENSORED], Florida. I have two beautiful kids, Nathaniel and SuperFly.2 I enjoy such things as... Hold on. I see your game. Just go over to the "shit I like" page. That should explain it all. Or do you want me to pull a Clarissa? I don't pull shit. You know what? Get off my page. You cheating dirtbag. Go somewhere else.

1: Isaac cannot actually skate, and will probably fall flat on his mcfreakin' face should he try.
2: For the comedically challenged, Isaac doesn't actually have kids. Nor would they actually be named Nathaniel and SuperFly.